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. good morning. it is september 3rd, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. chuck todd is off this week. we'll start with the storm. hurricane earl ripping through the east coast as we speak starting in north carolina and headed straight for new england. meteorologist bill karins joins us now. tell us where the storm is right now, how strong it is and is it headed for a direct hit of new england or spared? >> break it all down for you, savannah. the storm weakened considerably and helped out in eastern north carolina. outer bands exiting from the outer banks. virginia beach hit hard and maryland area and beaches in delaware seeing the strongest winds. the storm tracks off the coast for the most part. the heaviest winds and rain offshore and the big waves doing the damage along the coast and the pictures you will see. we have hurricane warnings up for areas of cape cod and the hurricane center thinks it's possible to make a direct impact out on the cape. it is looking more unlikely and still a hurricane warning so we have to wait until they drop that, maybe they'll do that at 11:00. as far as the wav
the palin effect as another incumbent bites the dust. good morning, it is september 1st, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. chuck todd is off this week. we'll get right to the rundown. along north carolina's coast, residents are being told to get packing with hurricane earl closing in. evacuations have begun, and a much bigger swath of the east coast may be in the crosshairs. the weather channel's jeff morrow is live in kill devil hills, north carolina. how is the weather is the question? >> reporter: well, savannah, today is another perfect beach day. nod much wind. we were just commenting on the lack of wind here, but lots of sunshine. earl is on the way, and we are probably about 24 to at most 36 hours from probably starting to get a fair amount of wind and rain from earl as it comes up along the coast. again, the huge question is, will it take a track just inland here on the north carolina outer banks, which would be devastating here, or will it stay just offshore, which would be much, much better. but there could be bigger effects. as you mentioned, there are evacuations. last night they orde
driving. it's september 21st, 2010. i'm chuck todd. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie. let's get right to the rundown. we're going to start with that breaking news out of afghanistan. nine americans were killed in a helicopter crash overnight, making this the deadliest year for western force so far as. nbc's john yang is live in kabul with the latest. john, good morning. what happened here? >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this was the worst helicopter crash in about four years for u.s. troops. nine troops dead. this happened in zabul province, which is in the south-southeastern section of afghanistan. an area where the taliban controls much of the territory and where coalition forces have been stepping up their attempts to push the taliban out. we are told this crash happened about 4:00 this morning, local time. the military says that there were no reports of enemy fire. that the crash is still under investigation. now, despite the fact that there were no reports of enemy fire, the taliban has called news organizations, including a call here at nbc news in kabul, to claim responsi
17th, 2010. 46 days, savannah, until the november elections. i'm chuck todd. >> but who's counting. i'm savannah guthrie. good morning, everyone. let's get right to the rundown. at the top for us what some are calling the new sheriff on wall street. after months of speculation and rumors, the president will make it official today naming elizabeth warren to help start up the new powerful consumer bureau. she's the darling of the left, but conservatives were ready to fight her nomination tooth and nail. the president is moving to effectively sidestep the senate with the way he is handling this announcement. mike is live on the white house north lawn. so she's going to be temporarily advising the president. explain, this mike. >> reporter: well, she could serve conceivably about midway into 2012. that's the way this is set up in the law if you look at the language involved here. you're right, if they make it official today, savannah, kind of, she's being appointed in this advisory role to sidestep the senate confirmation process that would have been problematic. she's essentially walking
-drinkers? surprising new study just ahead. >>> good morning. september 2nd, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. chuck todd has the week off. at the top for us, hurricane earl. it's getting stronger and coming closer. the weather channel's stephanie abrams live for us this morning in hikill devil hills, north carolina. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you were mentioning how strong the hurricane is. winds of 145 miles per hour. it is the strongest hurricane at this north latitude since floyd in 1999. we are just starting to see the clouds from hurricane earl. still no rain. i want to show your viewers this. as i told it up, trying to do the best this the wind here. that's highway 12 on north hatteras island. you can see washover on highway 12. this is the highway that runs through the outer banks and hasn't even rained yet. can you imagine what's going to happen starting to see the waves, the surf and the rain? they're going to be impassable very quickly and they have the sand, as well. that will go over highway 12. we have new evacuation orders here. visitors are under a mandatory evacuation. and the
. >> morning, everyone. i'm savannah gurthrie. we're here in new york because the president is here for the united nations general assembly. let's get to the rundown. we're actually going to start in washington with republicans unveiling at long last their to do list if they get power back this fall trying to turn the table on critics who say they've got no new ideas. one hour from now, house leaders will lay out their agenda. heavy on tax cuts and budget cuts. and critics say far too light on concrete details. mark murray is nbc's deputy political director joining us from washington. so it's called the pledge to america, mark. what's in it? >> well, savannah, there are many components, but among the provisions that they are going to be laying out today, one would be make all the bush tax cuts permanent. another priority for them would hold weekly votes on spending cuts. and then finally, to repeal and replace health care. of course, many of these ideas aren't necessarily new. we've been hearing from republicans for a very long time their desire to repeal and replace health care alo
afternoon, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie live in washington. we'll gin with the president up close and personal with the kitchen table issues facing americans d visiting a family today at home in fairfax, virginia. this comes a day after house republican leader john boehner signaled he may be willing to compromise and vote for the president's middle class tax cut if that's the best deal he can get. today, treasury secretary tim geithner said it's full speed ahead for the administration. >> we very much welcome recent indications republicans may not hold middle class tax cuts hostage to have us borrow $700 llion from our children to make permanent tax cuts to the 2% of earners in the country. if these republicans mean what theyas say, there's no reason t delay moving forward on these -f on tax relief for the middle class. >> with me w nbc's chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd and also my co-host on "the daily rundow" nice to see you again. >> howdy. >> hello. feels like thefo white house is ready for a rumble with john boehner. we even expect the presid
correspondent savannah guthrie has more from the north lawn tonight. savannah, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, brian. the president wanted to emphasize this milestone, acknowledging the work isn't done, yet he said it is time to turn the page. he also wanted to highlight what the white house considers a campaign promise fulfilled. >> i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. the iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country. >> reporter: the president has been visiting with troops today, and earlier this week at walter reid near washington, he's been visibly moved by those visits. tonight he took the time to thank the troops for their sacrifice. >> at every turn, america's men and women in uniform have served with courage and resolve. as commander in chief i am very proud their service. like all americans, i am awed by their sacrifice, and by the sacrifices of their families. >> reporter: the president addressed the political divisions over going to the war in iraq in the first place, and he named his predecessor former pr
correspondent savannah guthrie also visiting the home office here in new york tonight. savannah, it was interesting. he's back to campaign kind of cadence and mentioning john boehner a lot in the house of representatives. >> right, john boehner who, of course, is the house republican leader and the man many think will become speaker of the house were the republicans to get control of the house again. you're right. he was mentioned eight times in the speech. the choice of cleveland, no accident. it's boehner's home state. he gave a speech there on the economy two weeks ago telling the world the president should fire his entire economic team. today the president really counterpunched. this is a white house looking to sharpen the attack and make it more specific and make boehner the face of the republican party. it's one thing to run against a general idea. it's another to have an opponent and that is clearly where the white house is going with this. >> all right. savannah guthrie, good to have you here. thanks. >>> the city of detroit did not need what happened there last night. i
white house correspondent savannah guthrie here in new york covering the president tonight. savannah, good evening. >> as you say, on foreign policy today was the main event. the president addressed the full u.n. assembly, a speech that covered the terrain of u.s. foreign policy, but it was striking how much time he devoted to the issue of middle east peace. making clear he's willing to put it on the line for an issue that's bedeviled so many of his predecessors. at the u.n. today, the president leaned hard on world leaders to finally achieve a long elusive goal in the middle east. >> we all have a choice to make. each of us must choose the path of peace. >> reporter: but at the very moment the president was laying out his foreign policy goals, his political opponents were rolling out their domestic agenda. >> americans across this country are outraged and so are we. >> reporter: at a hardware store in sterling, virginia, outside of washington, house republicans unveiled their plan to change washington. >> stop, stop out of control spending and actually reduce the size of our governm
rundown" with chuck and savann savannah. >> rahm emanuel's last full day as white house chief of staff. it's getting down to the wire. friday's coming soon. >>> and water, water, everywhere. if you're anywhere on the east coast, chances are you have wet socks right now. and on alert. why terror officials worldwide are sounding the alarm. we'll bring you the latest on the terror lets all over western europe. it's september 30th, the last day of september, savannah, 2010. >> you know what comes after that? >> apparently october. >> is that how it works? if you haven't figured it out. i'm chuck todd. she's savannah guthrie. >>> let's get to the rundown. white house chief of staff rahm emanuel expected to step down as soon as tomorrow. and widely expected to take his place, at least for now, senior adviser pete roust. someone very much respected and beloved in ds the white house. >> and don't assume this idea the interim is somehow going to be. there's a lot of talk that if he will agree to stick around, he very much could be the chief of staff all the way through the rest of the term. and if
. and savannah, the president making a pledge today when it comes to mideast peace and palestine. >> that's what stood out with this speech. long speech, wide ranging. a progress report. the push on middle east piece. israel and palestine. it's about to be tested severely with question if israel would continue the moratorium on settlement building not looking as though it's likely to do that. the u.s. is hoping that israel would do that and create an atmosphere that's conducive to peace. and he really addressed not only the israelis and the palestines but the other arab leaders saying you've got to invest yourself in peace. you have to lay out a vision on how things could change if finally this thorny foreign policy problem could be resolved. listen. >> if we do, when we come back here next year, we come back to an agreement to have a new member of the united nations, an independent sovereign state of palestine living in peace with israel. >> a lofty goal, but, as you know, this is an issue that's bedeviled many, many administrations past, the president hoping at long last there will be progress
. >> chuck todd, savannah guthrie next breaking down the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. see you tomorrow. >>> hot off the presses. the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll all cloud no silver lining for democrats. >>> what america's stop commander in afghanistan general petraeus has to say about plans to burn the koran here in the u.s. >>> and it is described today as a wall of flames. the wind-whipped wildfires blazing in colorado. good morning. it is tuesday, september 7th, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. it is 56 days to election day. by the way, hi. >> i know. good to see you. been a listening time. >> let's get to the rundown. labor day of course signals the start of the campaign season and the white house is being greeted with a rash of bad news. after a devastating august where every day brought more bad economic data, the first tuesday in september brings our new poll and the news for president obama and the democrats is worse than the democrats had feared. mark murly is nbc news deputy political director. mark, give us the four big top lines which basicall
and savannah. >> they call us whacky. they call us wing nuts. we call us we the people. >> christine o'donnell works her magic with value voters. >>> plus, democrats are waving a nationality party campaign but the white house says it's not happening. >>> and the case against men. the evidence that women are better at just about everything. can this really be true? good morning. it's monday, september 20th, 2010. >> i'm chuck. let's get to the rundown before we go to mars and venus. the president working to break through on the economy. it's an hour-long live televised town hall on our sister network, cnbc, and he talks to 200 people from college students to small business owners and retirees. >> the president then hits the campaign trail later on. he's going to head to philadelphia to support joe sestak in favor of arlen specter who was defeated. we're getting real push back from the white house on a story in the new york times that the democrats are bushing an -- >> well, look, the times did get into something. there is a disagreement inside the democratic circles about nationalizing,
candidate john edwards. good afternoon, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie live in washington. andrea mitchell is on assignment in iran, where she had the rare opportunity to sit down one-on-one with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> savannah, as you know, iran's president will be heading to new york for the u.n. general assembly next week. but when i asked him about growing support for sanctions against iran, and criticism of his nuclear program, he showed no sign of compromise. why is iran not letting the experienced inspectors who know this weapons area so well, why is iran not letting these inspectors in? >> translator: if the iaea does everything according to the law, if they are going to go beyond the law, it is not acceptable to us. i am going to ask a question to you. we were one of the allies of the united states or the west. would we be treated the same way by the agency? >> the iaea -- >> translator: the iaea, yes. >> the iaea treats -- >> translator: please, please, let me finish. the iaea visit or inspect nuclear facilities or provide any report from those in france or the
now from our white house correspondent savannah guthrie on the north lawn tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, brian. with election day less than two months away and his party facing the prospect of a blowout in the mid-terms, the president was anxious to talk about efforts to improve the economy and put pressure on republicans for not offering better ideas. he spent a fair bit of time trying to quiet a cultural storm over islam in america. on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, the president found himself trying to lower the national temperature, making an impassioned plea for religious tolerance. >> we have to make sure that we don't start turning on each other. i will do everything that i can as long as i'm president of the united states, to remind the american people that we are one nation under god. we may call that god different names, but we remain one nation. >> reporter: nine years after the terrorist attacks, anti-muslim sentiment is seeing a resurgence. a florida pastor's threat to burn the koran this weekend led to widespread protests again in afg
hour. i'm chuck todd. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie. let's get to the rundown. at the top for us, the top love message out of the white house. first vice president biden telling progressives, stop whining. now the president in a new interview out this morning says it is inexcusable and irresponsible for them to sit out the midterms. in "rolling stone" the president says there may be complaints about us not having gotten certain things done, not fast enough, not making certain legislative compromises but he goes on to say if people want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place. in the meantime, the vice president on with lawrence o'donnell last night explained those whiner comments. >> there's some on the democratic base, not the core of it, that are angry because we didn't get every single thing they want. it's time to just buck up here, understand that we can make things better. continue to move forward. >> the president, meanwhile, on the road today. this evening he'll try to capture the old campaign magic at a college campus
overshot in savannah's show. look at that. look how angry. steam. how are y'all doing? >> hi. >> y'all doing okay? >> keep going. >> okay. >> i'll pass it around. >> all right. once again, all right, once again, speaking out against christian persecution. we're not going to be ashamed. >> wrap it up. >> we will not apologize for defending christians, willie. it's way too early. what time is it? >> "morning joe." right now it's time for chuck and savannah. >>> hot stir, flamed fanner. iran's president blames us for 9/11 and the u.s. delegation heads for the exits. it's iranian president feeling the pressure today. >>> prescription for trouble. the government warns some of the most abused pills could be in your home. but says maybe you shouldn't just throw them out. >>> and sex, lies, and baseball. the fate of the los angeles dodgers could be decided today in divorce court. good morning. it's friday, september 24th, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i have to say dodgers thing is a thing i am most focused on as a dodger fan. i'm chuck todd. start in new york where iranian president ahma
. good morning. it is friday, september 10th, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. live here at the white house, 53rd day before the midterm elections. apologies for the construction noise. that's those guys' fault. let's start with the president's news conference. gets under way two hours from now in the east room of the white house. >> this is president obama's news conference. he's expected to make a big announcement, replacing christina romer. >> that is not the news of the day but it's all over the place. perhaps a question or two about the pastor, about the issue of islam-ophobia and taken hold and we have the midterm elections, debate of tax cuts and the economy. so, there's a lot that the president has to deal with. i think what will be fascinating to see is does he use this as a moment to sort of try to not just sum up the presidency but sell it as a presidency of change at a time when voters really want a lot of change and not happy with what's going on here? >> another opportunity to try to break through with the economic argument but as usual events can conspire a
dorothy. the bedbugs have invaded kansas. savannah, they are everywhere now. it is wednesday, september 8th, 2010. i'm chuck todd. >> good morning, i'm savannah guthrie. they are mostly in new york where you are right now, just saying. we are about 55 days until election day. we'll get right to the rundown. we are going to start with the president who is taking a new sales pitch on the economy on the road today to cleveland. three new ideas and a line in the sand on the bush tax cuts for the wealthy americans. mike, this choice of cleveland was no accident. it is where majority leader john boehner gave his speech a couple weeks ago, and the white house wants us all to draw the comparison, right? >> reporter: i think the biggest surprise for john boehner and a lot of us is he tried to pick a fight with the president when the president was at martha's vip-yard. he was calling for the president to fire or get rid of his economic time. pick that fight and the white house thinks they can enjoy a good comparison there and think it is favorable, although a lot of people may look at it as punchin
49 it was yesterday. >> indeed. >> i'm chuck todd. >> it's going to go down in history. i'm savannah guthrie. let's get right to the rundown. a political earthquake in delaware. the candidate out of nowhere, christine o'donnell, knocks off the longtime republican politician everyone thought would win the nomination and the seat. did republicans just kiss their chances of a senate takeover good-bye? nbc's capitol hill correspondent, kelly o'donnell, is live in wilmington, where the story is today. kelly, i don't even know what to say. it sounds like this was a race that republicans were counting on, thinking this seat was locked, and now everything's changed. >> reporter: well, as we've met before on mornings after a big tea party upset, i am seeing personally a pattern. when we're on the ground, talking to candidates, mike castle and his supporters, christine o'donnell, her family, her volunteer and supporters, we've spent time with both. and you could see a difference. castle's people had respect and appreciation for his long service here, but around o'donnell, there was a fiery lev
, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." now time for "the daily rundown with chuck and savannah. >>> i automatic i don't know about you, but i'm fired up. >> the president gets them fired up, but can he get them to the polls. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll offers a sliver of hope for democrats. >>> terror threat. europe on alert after authorities uncover a plot to kill tourists at multiple landmarks. and possibly the u.s. homeland security secretary janet napolitano joins us live. >>> and get set to get soaked. florida braces for to rential rains and this storm is moving straight up the east coast. good morning. it's wednesday, september 29th, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. >> is it really only wednesday? is it really finally hump day? i'm chuck todd. and later, the academy award-winning filmmaker debe hyped at kwn inconvenient truth" and now "waiting for superman" will also be on the show. let's get to the rundown. we'll start with those new poll numbers. five weeks from election day. our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows a little bit of a silver lining for de
at t week in politics beginning with political theater. savannah guthrie reports. >> reporter: on capitol hill friday, morevidence of why some americans thinkashington is a joke. the comedian stephen colbert was billed as an expert witness on farm labor and testified in character. >> congresswoman loffgrin asked me to use my vast experience as a migrant farm worker. i'm happy to draw attention to this issue and i hope my star power can bump this hearing all the way up to c-span 1. >> reporter: one congressman asked him to leave. >>ou run your show. we run the committee. but what do you say to that, stephen? >> reporter: but the testimony went on for several uncomfortable minutes, though not every member gave him undivided attention. >> this is america. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an ameran, then sliced by a guatemalan and served in a spa where a chilean gives me a brazilian. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi saw no oblem. >> he's an american. if he has a point of view he can bring attention to an important issue like immigration. >> rep
. >>> they are back, savannah, bernadine, gloria and robin, characters we first met almost two decades ago as they were waiting to exhale. the author brought them back together in a new book and soon to be sequel movie. their mission, "getting to happy." i talked to the author about whether this story parallel her own life. people have been waiting anxiously to know if there would ab sequel for "waiting to exhale." what happened in your life or these women's life that you felt like it was time to see what happened 15 years after. >> well, it wasn't what happened to them. it was due to what happened to me. i had no intention of writing a sequel. after my divorce i was bitter and angry. i started meeting a lot of other women in my age group, mid-40s to late 50s, who were just sad. trying to explore what it might take for us to get back to happy, so to speak, i came up with four different scenarios a lot of women have to deal with. i realize i had already told the story with four female protagonists. i realized those women were the perfect candidates for this story. ♪ >> i'll be 21 on my ne
is daily run down with chuck and savannah. >>> summers is out. the president gets a chance to remake his economic team. will he go to wall street for his pick? >>> war stories. woodward dishes vintage palace intrigue on the internal anxiety over the afghanistan war. >>> plus -- >> she quit working for us and worked only for herself. what kind of political admaker turns an opponents head into a giant, floating blimp? you will meet the man. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. by the way, yesterday was the last day of summer, so why not have reports about the last day of summers. we're about 40 plus days to election day. we're going to begin with another palace intrigue story. that's the bob woodward book. the news is already started to leak out thanks to the "new york times" finding the book in it. in it, some of the battles within the obama administration over the war. vick, it looks like woodward is creating characterable moments about things that have leaked out. >> that's a good way to put it. bob woodward has done it again, you guys. appare apparently, a l
. >> we're going to go to the phones, savannah, from houston, texas. savann savannah, what's your question? >> caller: i have two questions really, i'm a recent college grad and i'll soon be facing payment of my student loans. what is the best option on paying my student loans back. i was told you can defer them, is that true? >> savannah, do you have a job now? do you have income? >> yes, ma'am, i do. >> so even though it's not your dream job, here's the thing, you can negotiate down what you're going to pay every month. you can follow up with an income deferment, not deferment, but income based repayment. here's the reason i don't want you to do that just yet because you have income. because if you go with another plan, it changes your loan and you won't be able to file for deferment or forbearance later on when you don't have a job. so what i would love for you to do is talk to your student loan administrator, see if this is a federal loan, see if you can negotiate down every month. but don't apply for a deferment or a forbearance,hat you can do because then you don't have the chance to
house correspondent savannah guthrie joins me live from the white house. savannah, we've heard the line before essentially, the gop is the party of no, they're the ones that got us into this mess. but clearly if you look at this poll, voters aren't buying it. what is the white house strategy? >> reporter: well, it's really interesting, because they've framed this whole argument as this is an election about a choice, the choice between poll sills sys of the past, which polls show continue to be very unpopular, or president's policies. but the problem for the white house and our poll really put the fine point on it, i think it's something like 58% of people in our poll say they believe republicans would have new ideas and wouldn't go back to the bush policies, so what's interesting is, this is the very argument that the president has been making for several months now, since early summer. saying that if you want to know what republicans will do, if given control of the congress, you need look no further than the bush policies. and yet our poll shows thatas not been a convincing argument t
, savannah. >> what do we expect? i understand it's a big college rally in wisconsin tomorrow and then just kind of a throwback to 2008, satellite watching . . . . >> it was interesting how he went about attacking it and separate out rank and file republicans and independents. >> reporter: there's no question, he's looking for some of those soft independents who might be leaning republican right now and wants them to know, hey, i want to talk to you. it's the leadership blocking me from making progress on some of the problems and they're the ones that i have got the fight with, not you. george bush said the same thing, blamed democratic leaders. we'll see if the president gets that mild republican support in november. >> all right. john harwood, chief washington correspondent for cnbc in the north capitol studio there. thank you very much. >>> in georgia bishop eddie long is vowing to fight allegations. he made the first public response to the accusations during sunday services at his church. >> i have been accused. i'm under attack. i want you to know as i said earlier, i'm not a perfect m
through the great forest. and into the savannah lands. the moans and groans, hundreds, thousands stolen, we rarely speak the taken, i will this time because you have asked. come back, back, back, far edge of memory. we recall them and they are black smith, by all accounts a master craftsman, worthy of praise, honored as a powerful magician. one who could speak the old names of the mother elements, earth, fire, water, wind. they would do as bidding, think. people sing praise songs. he was a gifted black smith. he is not remembered for that. he is best remembered for being a loving father. when his beloved wife died only after a year and embraced his newborn son, i will raise you myself. the elder women with argued against it saying you'll grow up wild without a gentle hand of a mother, a gentle hand to guide him. must divide by custom, take another wife or give the baby to a mother who is childless. how will you feed the baby? you have no milk to give. dinka would not change his mind. the tortoise doesn't have milk to give but knows how to take care of its young. shamelessly he tied the
are tuning savannahs. i felt the gift shared from the bones later that night in the crowded room when all the instruments had gone silent and a man rose up shyly alone and sang sean moss one of the singer's songs. beautiful country, i take you to by the black water screens of the beast the thrush and the black bird sings sweetly and the wild deer over the mountains branches with fruits and blossom the and hives with honey. and the corn creek lifts it's cries in the grass. [applause] >> your poem has a sense of place and you mentioned earlier the sensation of going to canada and what it felt like to be in that place in canada and in other opportunities to be in that land in ireland. i wonder if you can reflect and margaret as well, what were the physical experiences you were having and what was the importance ever going to the place by way of informing your story? >> i don't know if anybody seen there is a series on now on called african-american lives? >> yeah. >> and it remindses me so much of my experience and some of the things that were said that rang through for me are things lik
been a climate quite like this one before. our white house correspondent savannah guthrie is here with us with more on this to start us off. >> reporter: as is customary in washington, when he sat down to testify, he went off script and into his comedy routine. and not everyone is laughing tonight. on capitol hill today, more evidence of why some americans think washington is a joke. the comedian stephen colbert, was billed as an expert witness on farm labor. and testified in character. >> congresswoman asked me to share my vast experience, spending one day as a migrant farm worker. i'm happy to use my celebrity to draw attention to this important complicated issue, and i certainly hope that my star power can bump this hearing all the way up to c-span 1. >> one congressman asked him to leave. >> you run your show, we run the committee. but what do you say to that, stephen? >> reporter: but the testimony went on for several uncomfortable minutes. though not every member gave him undivided attention. >> this is america. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by
now it's time for "the daily rundown with chuck and savannah." >>> rahm will have to make a decision quickly because running for mayor in chicago is a serious enterprise. >> is this the week the white house chief of staff makes his move and the president on the move today trying to get some campaign momentum going. >>> on the run, residents flee homes in wisconsin after a 120-year-old levee begins to fail. >>> a nbc news event. education nation. an in depth look at the state of our children's schools. new york mayor bloomberg live and what are they doing right? good morning. it's monday, september 27th, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. let's get to the rundown. welcome to a special edition. the focus, of course, education nation. nbc and msnbc launched a big week of events highlighting the deteriorating state of our public schools. and our new nbc news "wall street journal" poll, a c or worse and a quarter of people giving public schools a "a" or "b." a majority of folks, 65% are willing to pay higher dwal taxes to directly improve american schools. >> money alone won't
during this rough time. we begin with white house correspondent savannah guthrie. >> reporter: there are those technical measures that economists talk about, then there is the reality on the ground. today, the president got a dose of the latter. >> thank you very much. thank you, guys. >> reporter: as theconomic experts today were putti an official end date on the recession, at a cnbc sponsed town hall, the president was getting an earful fr americans still reeling for it. >> i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people, and i'm waiting, sir. i'm waiting. i don't feel it yet. >> i really want to know is the american dream dead for me? >> absolutely not. >>eporter: the president, forced to acknowledge again, the primary economic indicator for most americans isn't budging. >> i can describe what's happening to the economy overall, but if you're out of work right now, the only thing u're going to be hearing is when do i get a job? >> reporter: the national bureau of economic research announced today the
in today's show. joining us now is white house correspondent savannah guthrie who has been covering all the day's developments. first of all, do we have any tangible signs of progress? >> well, when it comes to middle east peace, the signs of progress may be incremental. i think that's the case here today. the biggest sign of progress, they're still talking. there's going to be another group of talks in egypt. as i understand it from senior land official in the u.s. government, this was not a necessarily precooked outcome. ha lot of times you do these talks and the progress that gets announced is something everybody knew would happen. that's not the case here. so they've agreed to continue talking thereafter. roughly every two weeks or so. they're going to come up with a framework of a deal. the conventional wisdom is the basic structure of a deal is out there and known. if it were so easy, one asked why it hasn't happen led in this point. one issue is of settlements. israelis put a partial freeze onset lmentes in the west bank. that expires at the end of the month. the palestinians sai
president joe biden, who's in baghdad this morning in just a moment, but, first, savannah guthrie has more on the president's remarks. we send is over to you. >> reporter: the president said last night the country has paid a huge price for the war in iraq and it was time to turn the page. >> tonight, i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> reporter: addressing the nation in prime time from the oval office, the president said he was fulfilling a campaign promise, withdrawing combat troops from iraq, a seven-year war that claimed more than 4,400 american lives. >> the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of its people. we have met our responsibilities. now it's time to turn the page. >> reporter: aboard air force one tuesday, the president called former president bush, and tuesday night, had kind words for his predecessor. >> it's well known that he and i disagreed about the war from its outset, yet no one can doubt president bush's support for our troops or his love of country and commitment to our security. >> reporter: b
and bring you the change of command ceremony live when we come back and savannah guthrie has developing stories live from the white house and working the phone as we speak. you're watching "morning joe," brewed by starbucks. ♪ i will keep the dream alive [ female announcer ] stay once... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at choicehotels.com. ♪ >>> we are committed to making sure the sacrifices they made bear fruit and the fruit will ultimately be in a stable iraqi government, is able to stand on their own, and, in fact, is not a threat to its neighbors. >> vice president joe biden just moments ago on the "today" show. a live picture of the white house. joining us is nbc news political reporter savannah guthrie. we will check in live with the change of command ceremony in iraq in a few minutes. what can we expect to see? >> well, look. this is a moment that the white house certainly sought to commemorate. the military and these ceremonies are really momentous. they mean a lo
of hurt out there. >> nbc savannah guthrie is live at the white house and, savannah, this is capping a critical week for the president. so, what do you imagine? what is going to be the first question for him? >> well, i'm anxious to see, i think certainly a lot of questions on the economy, but with all of this going on and this koran stunt, something the president has already weighed in on, i won't be surprised if we hear something like this, whether it is the first question, we'll have to wait and see, political questions, certainly, about the midterms and i'm anxious to hear the president's opening statement. to see if he'll start out with any news. we know one piece of it. he will name austin and he'll make that offense announcement. whether there is any other news in the opening statement and what kind of tone he strikes. will this be the partisan tone, more sharpened rhetoric and frankly a lot of democrats are hoping that the president will come out strongly. this is an opportunity from the white house's view to drive home that economic message and since they can't predict what
the midterm elections. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. we'll start in tehran with the developing story. sarah shourd was released from iranian custody. not quite free filling out paperwork. andrea mitchell broke the story and she has the latest on the ground in tehran. andrea, take it away. >> reporter: well, chuck and savannah, this is obviously emotional. it's an up and down crazy kind of story. sarah shourd has been released. the iranian government announced that now. we don't know first of all whether bail is being paid. there are a lot of reports that bail is being paid and there are reports that we cannot confirm that some gulf nations may be involved. some u.s. allies who have very close relationships here. we don't know if money is being transferred but it is not u.s. government money and the paperwork still being done. the swiss ambassador downstairs below me waiting for her arrival here. so we are expecting her any minute but things happen in a very slow methodical and sometimes difficult to understand way. it's iranian time. the good news is that sarah shourd is releas
have thought there was a deal based on anything he said. >> savannah, those watching this story and listening on the radio have heard the white house is trying to find a way to stop this. the minister felt pressure from the outside. he's not going to tell us what it is. do you know what the role is from the fbi or any of the federal officials? >> the fbi put out an alert. alerts about danger if this were to go forward. the state department issue ad travel aletter. the concern is real. it's not hypothetical. we all know what happened in denmark with the cartoon depicting muhammad. there's a real concern here. and i think the government, the state department here at the white house, they've been struggling with what they can do, but not wanting to set a precedent where everybody who has an ax to grind, everybody willing to do a publicity stunt somehow gets an audience either directly with the president or even just gets the president's attention. so it's been a very difficult situation for this administration. as i said, there was an expectation that robert gates from the defense
of the last word. a great phrase for tonight's develop. you need a last word tonight. savannah guthrie covers the white house for nbc news and the co-host of the great show "the daily rundown." kerry, seeing as you're very close to the action here, how do you read the fact that this pastor standing to a local imam said they had a deal, within an hour it's clear they were wrong? >> it appears to me that the pastor did not dot his eyes and crossed his ts because it was very clear early on at that initial press conference that muhammad musry, the imam from central florida who was meeting with pastor jones did not say that we have spoken directly to and pastor jones says he was never there when a phone call was made. he said he feels he's been tricked, lied to, he's been hoodwinked. it was very clear from the first moments of that discussion, especially when imam muhammad musry from central florida began to speak that they were speaking a different language here, and then when we asked the pastor jones, okay, so you're not going to burn the korans here on saturday, you're going to go to new york,
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